Art Tours

As an art specialist I offer a range of different art tours for all levels and ages, for big groups or individuals. I have done tours for toddlers, children, teenagers, people with Dementia, people with mental health issues, young people not in education, employment or training as well as art specialists, art students, and people who are just generally interested - I am happy to take on any group! Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

National Gallery

Our National Collection of Western Art, with masterpieces, big hitters and the story of Western painting we will artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Tate Modern

If you want to be challenged then a visit to Tate Modern is well worth it! And it is not just the odd art, it has a fabulous building and amazing views of London from the viewing platform.

Tate Britain

A little gem of a gallery that is not as well known as it should be. On this tour you will discover the story of British Art and it helps exlain why us Brits are the way we are.

British Museum

This museum tells the story of ancient civilisations. So if you want to look at the art, and compare Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Mesopotamian styles, then this is the place for you.

National Portrait Gallery

This gallery has portraits of the good and the great (and the not so good) of British history. If you want to understand Britain then this is the place to start, exploring our kings and queens, politicians and activists.

Wallace Collection

This historic house is a hidden gem - it is not just an art gallery but it also has wonderful arms and armour, furniture and decorative arts.

Victoria & Albert Museum

This palace to the decorative arts is a treasure trove - whatever you like you will find it, whether it be art or sculpture, fashion or jewellery, glass or ceramics and it is housed in the most spectacular building.

Commercial Galleries

If you want to find out what is cutting edge in art, then we can exlore some of the hidden and secret commercial galleries - and scratch our heads over the art on display!

Street Art Tours

Who knows what we will discover on our Street Art Tour of the East End. Not just art though, there are cool cafes, cutting edge fashion and hipsters all over the place.

Mystery Small Museum Tour

Let's find some of the smaller and lesser known art galleries - places liek the John Soane Museum or Leighton House, or for more modern we could check out the Saatchi Gallery.