Art Tours and Courses

As an art specialist I offer a range of different art tours for all levels and ages, for big groups or individuals. I have done tours for children (minimum 5 years old!), teenagers, people with Dementia, people with mental health issues, young people not in education, employment or training as well as art specialists, art students, and people who are just generally interested - I am happy to take on any group! Please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Art Galleries
I offer in depth or introductory visits to a range of different art galleries in London. We can do a general overview, or we can focus on a particular period depending on your interests. Please see Site Visits for the galleries that I give tours of and I am happy to prepare new sites. 

Art Lectures
I am happy to give lectures on art historical subjects. Recent topics include John Singer Sargent, German Renaissance Art, Reynolds and Gainsborough, an overview of Modern Art and an overview of Art Historical styles. I am happy to prepare new talks so contact me to discuss what you need. 

Walking Tours
I give art historical walking tours of London, which include Artists' Covent Garden (18th century) and Elizabethan artists in the City of London. Other walks include the Holland Park Circle, Artists as Gentlemen - The Move to the West, The Camden Town Group. On these walks, with a bit of imagination, we see the streets the artists walked and the places they lived, worked and socialised in, which helps us see their work as the product of real people, rather than of some being on a higher realm. The walks also help bring London to life!

I offer courses on the history of art in art galleries. Depending on your requirements we could spend five sessions of about 2 hours each in different art galleries, either focussing on a specific time period, or getting a general overview of the history of art. Each course can be tailor-made to suit your needs, but below are a couple of suggestions to give you a sense of what might be possible:

The Development of Western Art 
Suggested visits include National Gallery, V&A, Tate Britain, Courtauld Gallery covering Medieval, the Renaissance, the Baroque, Rococo to Romanticism and Early Modernism (Impressionism and Post-Impressionism)

What is Modern Art? 
Suggested visits include Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Courtauld Gallery, perhaps the Saatchi Gallery or a selection of Commercial or Temporary Exhibitions. Topics to cover might include Impressionism and Post Impressionism, Early Abstract Art, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, Conceptual Art and Postmodernism. 

I have taught courses on British Art and Architecture, Renaissance Art, Baroque and Rococo Art, 19th century Art, Modern Art, The History of Museums and Galleries and the History of London with a focus on art in London.