Walking Tours

Here you will find a selection of walking tours. Scroll down and you will find Highlight Walks, Historical and Area Walks, Art Walks and Architecture Walks
We can do a straight walking tour, or we can combine it with site visits, for your perfect half day or full day itinerary. 

Highlight Walks

 Royal Westminster
Discover the relationship between Monarchy and Parliament through London's history. We will see the sites of the almost-vanished Whitehall Palace and the present day Palace of Westminster, we will see the medieval Westminster Abbey and the famous 10 Downing Street, and on our walk we will hear stories of the kings and queens, and the courtiers and hangers-on who lived there. 
 2000 years of History - The City of London
The City of London, or the Square Mile, is the oldest part of London, and a law unto itself. It is a city full of hidden clues to its past - which we will uncover on this walk.
 Liquid History: River Thames Walk
The River Thames is older than London itself and is the reason why London is here. As we walk its banks we will discuss its importance throughout history - as a mode of transport, a source of entertainment, and the reason for London's wealth, and we will also hear about the dangers of the River.


 Portobello Road Market
Portobello Road Market is world famous and bustling with activity. We will peruse the market stalls and independent boutiques while we hear about the 18th century farm of Portobello, the Victorian building project and the origins of the Notting Hill Carnival. Perhaps we could stop off for a proper English fry-up as well? 
 Theatrical London - from Shakespeare's Globe to the raucous 18th century
We will discover the London where Shakespeare lived and worked and we will also find out about what came next - the raucous Restoration theatre and the 18th century Golden Age of Shakespeare - which was also the age of the actress. 
 Secret London
On this walk we will go off in search of the harder to find and unusual sites of London - which reveal unexpected stories from London's past.     
 London and World War II
On this walk we can either explore Churchill's Westminster during World War II, or we can explore the City of London and hear about how Londoner's coped in London during the Blitz. 
 Historic Greenwich
Let's take a boat from central London to Greenwich, the beautiful World Heritage Site. There we will hear about London as a maritime centre with a visit to the National Maritime Museum, we will see THornhill's ambitious painted hall celebrating British Maritime power, we will see Inigo Jones' influential Queen's House of the early 1600s and we might even pop up to the Royal Observatory to hear about John Harrison's struggle to find a way to measure longitude. 
 Oliver Twist and Charles Dickens Walk
We will walk through Oliver Twist's London, seeing the courts, streets and slums that inspired Dickens, while hearing about his life and the social history of Victorian London. 

 Artists' Covent Garden 
On this walk around Covent Garden we will find out where 18th century artists such as Hogarth and Reynolds lived, worked, socialised and exhibited, and we could also pop into the National Gallery or National Portrait Gallery to see their paintings.
 Art and Trade in Elizabethan London:
How did artists get their materials in Medieval London? What did they make their brushes out of? And where did they work? On this walk through the City of London we will explore these questions and discover so much more about the Elizabethan artist. 
 The Holland Park Circle
We will explore the area of Holland Park and hear about how artists lived like gentlemen in the 1800s, perhaps also popping in to Lord Leighton's luxurious purpose-built studio-home with his middle-eastern collection.
 Bohemian Soho in the 20th Century
Soho became a centre for misfits and drinking holes after World War II and a cultural meeting point for artists. We will see where Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud used to drink, the site of the infamous Colony Room Club, as well as hearing about exhibition spaces and Soho's culture and culinary scene. 


 London Architecture (1066 to today)
London is a huge mix of different types of architecture, which is part of what makes it so visually stimulating. We will look at different examples of architectural styles and discover how and why architecture has changed over    time, which is closely linked to London's history.        
 The Wren Churches of the City of London
Sir Christopher Wren was the great London architect of the late 1600s and early 1700s. Not only did he build his masterpiece St Paul's Cathedral, which we could visit on this walk, he also rebuilt many of the City churches destroyed in the Great Fire of London of 1666. Each is different and reflect Wrens extraordinary inventiveness, and we will visit some of his gems.